Spring fatigue? Time to wake up your liver.

05. March 2023 from Melanie Tiek
Spring fatigue Liver cleanse Bitters

The long, dark season with its festivities, rich, and often fatty, foods and cosy evenings on the sofa is drawing to a close. It's around this time that many people are hit by spring fatigue. It can have a variety of causes but, when it hits at this time, it is often a cry for help from your liver.

The liver is our largest metabolic organ. It cleans 2,000 litres of blood a day and is our detoxifying organ. It works tirelessly to dispose of waste products from our metabolism. And, especially in spring, it has a lot on its plate on this front: in winter, all metabolic processes slow down. This may lead to a build-up of toxins in the liver. In spring, the liver has some catching up to do: time for some “spring cleaning”.

Too much is too much

Many of the things that put strain on the liver are part of our modern lifestyle. Too much meat, fat and sugar is taxing for it. But chemical preservatives and additives, alcohol, medications, environmental toxins and chronic stress also put strain on the liver.

To complicate things, our daily diets do not contain enough of the bitters that are beneficial for the liver, such as those found in rocket, artichokes and grapefruit. This is also due to the fact that some products have been deliberately cultivated to be less bitter. As a result, our taste buds are programmed to prefer sweet and salty flavours.

Bitter foods are too seldom on the menu. But what might be delicious for our mouth is less so for our liver.

"Spring fatigue is the liver's cry for help"

What does this well-known saying actually mean? Unlike other organs, the liver does not hurt when overloaded, as it is not crossed by pain-conducting nerve pathways. It suffers in silence and, if it is overworked, only causes symptoms such as tiredness and lack of drive. Loss of appetite, intolerance to different foods and a feeling of fullness may also be due to liver metabolism.

Fortunately, the liver has long been a forgiving organ, is able to regenerate well and gratefully accepts support.

Bitters – wellness for the liver

Now is the best time to wake your liver up from its spring slumber: in order to activate it, it is important to supply the body with sufficient amounts of bitters. A liver cleanse with dietary supplements may have a supportive effect. These contain bitters from plant extracts as well as numerous vital substances.

This combination maximises the bitters' detoxifying and digestive properties and boosts the immune system, well-being and mental performance. Reduced feelings of hunger are a welcome side effect. Cravings for sweet treats are reduced.

To provide the liver with the best possible support, it is generally important to drink enough – preferably at least two litres of water throughout the day – especially during a liver cleanse.

Liver cleanse with bitters

Do yourself a favour: wake up your liver, body and mind with soothing bitters – next time spring fatigue hits, and no later.

Enemies of the liver

Many of the things that put a strain on the liver are part of our modern lifestyle.

All of this is hard on the liver:

  • Too much meat, fat and sugar
  • Chemical preservatives and additives
  • Alcohol
  • Medications
  • Environmental toxins
  • Chronic stress

Melanie Tiek

Editors of the "Schweizer Hausapotheke"