We are passionate about people and their health.

We are Vita.

Based on the latest scientific findings, our team develops and markets unique dietary supplements to the highest quality that Switzerland has to offer.

We use professional training sessions to pass on expertise about our products and substances to employees in pharmacies and drugstores so that they can offer our customers the best advice when purchasing products.

“It’s not about adding more years to your life. It's about adding more life to your years.”

Christoph Nussbaum, Co-founder of Vita Health Care

Unique products for a better quality of life.

As a health care brand, we are responsible for people's bodies and health. The aim of each product is to make a meaningful addition to your daily diet with a sophisticated combination of ingredients and the appropriate dosage. The products are based on the latest findings from research and high-quality raw materials. In this way, we enable people to compensate for deficiencies of vital substances in a targeted way and increase their quality of life.

Our products are available from pharmacies, drugstores and their online shops as well as from medical therapists.

Our motivation: “We increase quality of life.”

Our values

  • Unique

    Our products are unique. Innovation is an ongoing process for us. With a focus on the latest scientific findings, we constantly develop up-to-date formulations and continuously integrate them into our products.

  • Swiss

    Our products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland. Quality and efficacy are important to us, which is why we maintain long-standing partnerships with our producers.

  • Innovative

    Maintaining a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle can be challenging. That’s why our products are innovative and tailored to individual needs. We pass on our expertise through in-person professional training sessions with specialist staff in pharmacies and drugstores and via blog to our community free of charge.

“We at Vita want to help raise public awareness of the importance of micronutrients.” 

Claudia Hunziker, Head of Business Unit