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NEW – strengthens hair and nails.

If your hair and nails are causing you trouble, it’s time to take action. Biotin alone, well-known though it is, is not enough for comprehensive care. Luckily for you, this combination of vital substances is available.

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Liver cleanse to ward off spring fatigue.

Bitters are important for the liver (our detoxifying organ). They strengthen the body, the immune system and the psyche, have anti-ageing properties and reduce cravings for sweet foods.

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Vita products are backed by studies and developed and manufactured in Switzerland based on the highest requirements.

Every Vita product is developed with a great deal of dedication and expertise, because Vita Health Care is aware of its responsibility to your body and health. Vita's combinations of vital substances may be a worthwhile supplement to your daily diet. The products are based on the latest findings from research and high-quality raw materials.